Athleivate Case Study

Increase In Revenue

30% immediate increase, 6 fold over 6 months


2.5 to 5.5x immediate increase with a 3.4 average over 6 months fast scaling.

Brand story

Athleivate believed that women should never have to compromise between fashion and performance, and thus, set out on a quest to create the perfect balance between the two.

Inspired by the growing athleisure trend, Athleivate dedicated its passion and expertise to crafting innovative leggings that seamlessly blended fashion-forward designs with functional features. These leggings became more than just workout attire; they became a symbol of empowerment, allowing women to conquer their daily challenges with confidence and grace.


Increase and enhance existing paid marketing structure, email flows, SEO, website design.


2.5 to 5.5x immediate increase with a 3.4 average over 6 months fast scaling.

Increase In RevEnue

30% immediate increase, 6 fold over 6 months

Our goal

Increase and enhance existing paid marketing structure, email flows, SEO, website design.


The task of fitting a niche brand like Athleivate into a general industry was both exhilarating and demanding. With minimal information provided through content questionnaires, our team eagerly dove into the world of Athleivate, immersing ourselves in the brand's essence, values, and unique selling propositions. It was our mission to capture the true spirit of Athleivate and craft content that not only aligned with the industry's expectations but also met the brand's specific and stringent requirements.

Through meticulous research, creative brainstorming, and open communication with the Athleivate team, we embarked on a collaborative journey to generate captivating content that showcased the brand's distinctive voice, resonated with its target audience, and ultimately elevated Athleivate's presence in the market.


To establish a deep connection between customers and the brand, we embarked on a storytelling journey by crafting multiple narratives for our ads. These stories were carefully structured to depict the remarkable journey of the co-founder and her discovery of these exceptional products. Positioned at the top of the funnel, these ads successfully drove traffic to our website.

By analyzing customer data and their purchasing patterns, we meticulously mapped out the content strategy based on their website behavior and video engagement. Leveraging dynamic product ads (DPA), we effectively addressed any objections customers had, and for those who reached the checkout but didn't complete the purchase, we enticed them with discounted offers. Throughout this process, our creative team consistently churned out two BuzzFeed videos every two weeks, experimenting with various hooks in the first three seconds to captivate attention and halt scrolling.

With a multitude of stories at our disposal, we conducted extensive testing, putting forth at least ten different copies for each video. The copies that resonated the most were the ones utilizing the exact language of our target audience, which we meticulously collected through a thorough "copy-mining" exercise conducted by our lead strategist and ad optimizer.

Successful creatives from the testing phase were then deployed to engage audiences at the top of the funnel. If they continued to perform well, they were gradually funneled down to the back-end campaigns, strategically reaching those who had already made purchases.

Our performance campaigns followed a structured approach known as CBO 40-40-20. This involved allocating 40% of our resources to small, targeted audiences for stable ROAS (up to 5 million audiences), another 40% to medium-sized audiences for a balance of stability and scalability (up to 20 million), and the remaining 20% to broad audiences, offering room for further expansion.

At the back-end, we incorporated a heartfelt video featuring the co-founder expressing gratitude for each purchase. This video not only generated the highest return on ad spend but also fostered a profound emotional connection with the brand, strengthening the customer bond.