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What’s that mean?

Gifs are composed typically of 3-10 images and are amazing at artistically showcasing your product. Gifs are great for highlighting features of your product or creative storytelling, perfect for website or social placement and ads! Gifs are a great way to get creative! We will find a creative way to showcase your product or send us your ideas!

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We recommend the Comprehensive Product Pack for:

Brands needing a customized solution that doesn’t fall into one of our pack offerings. Custom Gifs gives you the option to build your very own gif shoot from the ground up to get specifically what you need, without any fluff you don’t need. Perfect for brands looking for a specific solution or to fill in certain content gaps and have a solid idea of what content they want. Gifs are a great way to show off creativity, create key ads or website placements, show off features or angles of a product that aren’t quite visible through images but may not need a video.

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How does it work?

You may build your own shoot and get started or reach out to us and we will help guide you to your content solution! After finalizing the deets you send us your product, we will not only deliver dream content for your shoot but should you want us to keep your product any ongoing shoot's turnaround times are drastically reduced and on-demand services can be offered!

You can keep my product?

Yep! If you would like us to we will (free of charge) have your product retained and should you choose to reorder with us you will automatically have an expedited shoot! Not only that, but we can offer even faster turnarounds if needed.

What if I'm unsure about ordering, can we work something out before I place the order?

Absolutely! Reach out to us at our email or use our smart contact form and fill out the fields to get relevant help faster. We will reach back out to you and work out a solution for your needs.

Will I receive the exact photos in the bundle images here but just with my product?

Nope! You will receive similar but attuned content to your product's specific features. The bundle images only illustrate what the bundle offers for the different types of content We will always send more content than ordered and let you select the final few that get final edits.

What are these On-Demand Services?

Since we have your product here and are constantly shooting it means we can offer very quick turnarounds currently as quick as 72 hours once the order is placed! As well you can work with us to have content made as-we-go on a retainer service. This means once we work with you to determine the type of content you are looking for we can make the content and send it to you without you needing to reach out to us for another order. Amazing for social media managing AND viral trends where you can take advantage of our viral trend knowledge to get you viral UGC videos before the trend dies out.

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